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Justin N.

// Lead singer

Lead singer extraordinaire, Justin Niebuhr first discovered his musical ability in 8th grade, when he got up and sang, "It's so Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday" acapella at a school concert. In high school, he continued to share his voice as a "KJ", going to local bars, hosting karaoke nights throughout southeastern Wisconsin. He went on to major in music performance and recording, but ultimately went on to major in something outside the music industry. Singing was still his passion, so he moved to Nashville in 2001 to pursue his dream of becoming a country singer.  With the tight competition in Nashville, and with the increasing demands of his "real job", he had to put his dream on hold. In 2007, he moved back to his home town of Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, only to meet up with the other members of Relativity one year later, and put the icing on the Relativity cake! Train, Maroon 5 and Blake Shelton are a few of Justin's favorite performers. His powerful vocals allow him to cover a range of songs and genres, but he is still a country singer at heart!

Vito R.   

// Drums

Coming from a musically talented family, one could say drumming was in Vito Raimondi's blood. Inspired especially by his Uncle Nick, a drummer himself, Vito found himself learning to play drums at an early age. Without ever having a formal lesson, he has a raw talent for playing drums. He has the ability to hear a song, and be able to immediately play it back with precise rhythm and passion. Vito brings over 25 years of drumming to the band.Vito is inspired by drummers Ronnie Tutt, of the TCB band and Neil Peart, of Rush. Train, Justin Timberlake and The Beatles are among his favorite musicians. Vito, along with Gino and Vito "A", were the original members of "Relativity"

Vito Antonacci, or Vito "A" to avoid confusion, can be found playing keys and singing back up vocals. Growing up, he spent many hours listening to his aunts and uncles performing in various bands. He had a strong desire to play piano, and took lessons throughout high school. He knew then that music would become a part of his life.Whenever Vito, Gino and him would get together, they would combine their talents and play music for hours.What started as something to pass time has grown into the band you hear today!  Vito's favorite bands/musicians include Elvis, The Beatles Aerosmith, Maroon 5, and Bruno Mars. You can always count on Vito to be dancing behind his keys!

Vito A.

// The Keys

Gino  A.

// Guitar

Gino Antonacci: No, you are not seeing double! Gino and Vito "A" are identical twins. Aside from their appearance, the next closest thing they share is the love of music. Also growing up surrounded by a musical family, Gino decided the the guitar was what he was destined to play. He started learning how to play in his early teens. He knew that with his ability to quickly pick up a song, he could share his love of music with others. Bon Jovi and Bruno Mars are among his favorite musicians, but Gino enjoys any music that people can get up and dance to!

Currently from Kenosha, Wisconsin, Hector La Luz was born and raised in Chicago,IL. He grew up listening to Latin music. During his teenage years, he began taking guitar lessons, inspired by Carlos Santana and many other classic rock bands. Then, a few years ago, while jamming with his friends, he picked up the bass and found his true calling. He hasn't set it down since! In addition to jamming with his family and friends, you can find Hector on the golf course in his spare time. 

Hector E. La Luz

// Bass

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